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Non-Slip Deck, Step & Walkway Strips

Create an anti-slip surface for decks and walkways using non-slip, grit coated fiberglass decking strips. These fiberglass reinforced plastic strips are suitable for both indoor and outdoor steps, stairs and walkways. Whether the area is made of concrete, metal, wood or composite, these strips (and walkway panels!) are an excellent choice in helping to prevent slips and falls and keeping pathways safe.

  • Helps reduce slips & falls on a variety of applications
  • Constructed of 0.125" thick fire retardant fiberglass (FRP)
  • Non Skid Deck Strips are available in 2" or 4" Wide
  • Deck strips are available in 36” or 48” Lengths
  • Permanently fasten with screws and adhesive
  • Abrasive Grit Coated FRP Surface
  • Industrial / Commercial applications use the Medium or Heavy Duty Grits - Colors Black & Yellow
  • Residential / Recreational applications use the Lite Grit - Colors Black, Brown, Tan, White, Gray, Yellow & Pool Blue
  • Do It Yourself Installation
  • Lightweight, easy to apply and perfect for just about any structurally sound surface.


Grit-Coated FRP Deck Strips provide slip resistance, durability and a permanent anti-slip solution. Fiberglass deck strips are lightweight and ideal for use on structurally sound flooring and decking

Grit-Coated FRP Deck Strips are coated with a proprietary blend of mineral abrasive epoxy grit. Any surfaces such as inclines, floors, steps and decking can be covered. Deck Strip recommendations for industrial and commercial applications are Heavy Duty or Medium grit and are available in (2) colors: yellow or black. For residential and recreational installations, Sure-Foot recommends Lite and Fine Grits. These Lite and fine Deck Strips are available in 7 popular colors: Pool Blue, Tan, Brown, Grey, White, Yellow, and Black. Fine and lite grits are suitable for barefoot traffic.

Slips and Falls can happen any time of the year especially in winter and cold weather. Since Anti-Slip Tapes cannot be applied in cold temperatures, FRP Fiberglass Step Covers, Decking Strips and Walkway Panels are an excellent solution where the application of non-skid tape is not suitable.

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