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Workplace Safety: Common Causes and Preventive Measures


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If your workplace is not safe, you and your employees are not only at risk of being seriously injured, but you're potentially at risk of being sued and having to deal with costly property damages.

First, let's identify some of the most common causes of injuries around the workplace:

  • Slips, trips, and falls -- Approximately 25% of all reported workplace injury claims each year are made because of slips, trips, and falls. In total, around 12,000 workplace injuries each year and caused by slipping, tripping or falling.

  • Vehicle accidents -- On job sites where vehicles are present, these incidents can cause all kinds of injuries and even fatalities. When a driver operates a vehicle, they need to be completely aware and fully knowledgeable on how to properly handle such machinery.

In addition to being aware of what is causing these workplace injuries, it's just as important to know how to prevent them from happening. Here are some additional tips for minimizing risks involved with workplace dangers:

  • Improve traction with non skid stair tape -- Safety track tape and anti slipcovers for steps are a must-have in just about every worksite involving heavy machinery. If these large vehicles slip or lose control at all, there could be both expensive damage and major injuries as a result. Using non skid stair tape around the construction or industrial site can prevent these dangerous mishaps and keep everyone safe.

  • Mark hazardous areas off with yellow fluorescent reflective tape -- If there are any spills around the worksite or any dangerous areas at all, you should mark off the area completely. Using bright yellow fluorescent reflective tape is a great way to keep your employees informed about dangerous areas.

  • Hold workplace safety seminars -- One of the best ways to prevent these workplace injuries is to constantly talk about doing so with your entire staff. Either annually or biannually, you should be having mandatory seminars to go over safety procedures around the workplace. Additionally, make sure you're bringing every new employee up to speed on workplace safety.

If you want to learn more about keeping your equipment and your employees safe or find quality non skid stair tape, 3m fluorescent reflective tape, and other safety items, contact Safe Way Traction right away.

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