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Safety Hazards to Watch Out For at Your Next Hotel Stay


jessup non slip tape

Slips and falls happen when floors, stairs, and bathroom areas are not maintained properly, and are the foremost cause of workplace injury when it comes to people who are 55 years old and above. Hotel managers that value your well being will make sure that their building has features in place to keep you injury free at all times - both in public areas and private rooms.

Here are some important safety features to take note of during your next stay:

  • Stairs -- Most guests take elevators when staying at a hotel, however, in case of emergency or when an elevator isn't available, the stairways need to be well lit, well marked and have traction tape, treads or nosings on the stairs to protect against slips and falls. Safe Way Traction offers Jessup non slip tape, as well as a variety of photoluminescent exit signs, glow-in-the-dark tape, fiberglass stair treads and traction tape to address these needs.
  • Bathrooms -- Wet areas are a big concern when it comes to safety. Check to make sure the tub has a textured non-slip surface or is lined with a traction mat. Safe Way Traction bath mats have a modern, clean look, are mildew resistant and offer superior traction.
  • Public Areas -- If your hotel's floors aren't clean, many more slip and fall injuries will occur. Keep all floors clean and dry in order to prevent these injuries. In addition to being a dangerous slip hazard, continually wet surfaces will lead to mold, fungi, and bacteria that can cause even more problems.
  • Tend to any repair needs immediately -- If the hotel's floors aren't clean, many more slip and fall injuries will occur. Uneven floor surfaces, ripped or bulging carpets, spills and even improperly disposed of garbage add to tripping and falling hazards. Make sure to notice whether floors are well tended and dry. Signage to mark unsafe or wet areas should be clearly visible.

Most industries can benefit from the use of safety products like Jessup non slip tape -- give Safe Way Traction a call to learn more.

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