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Keep Your Industrial Workplace Safe: Avoid These 3 Mistakes


stair tread tape anti slip

Workplace safety is perhaps the main concern (or at least should be) for any business. Especially any business that deals with heavy machinery, dangerous heights, and any kind of manual labor. In order to ensure that your employees are safe on the job, it's important to avoid making a few of these dangerous and costly mistakes.

Here are some workplace safety mistakes that can lead to some serious financial issues and health concerns for your industrial business:

  • Cleaning up a job site only once or twice a week -- If a job site isn't cleaned at least once a day, everyone working in the facility is in jeopardy of seriously injuring themselves. Prior to any construction, industrial, or manual labor, a full force cleaning project must take place. In order to ensure even more safety for your company, thoroughly cleaning the job site throughout the week is essential. Finally, special care should be paid to high moisture areas or spills. Any amount of moisture or fluid can result in costly slips, trips, and falls.

  • Not using stair tread tape anti slip products -- Since slips are the foremost cause of workplace injury for individuals over the age of 55 years old, it's essential for businesses to install removable non slip treads for stairs throughout the entire building (or construction site). It's a simple step that can result in a huge improvement to overall safety. Not utilizing non slip stair treads can result in not just minor scrapes and bruises, but major injuries, damage to company property, and potential workers compensation lawsuits. Don't ignore the importance of traction; get some stair tread tape anti slip products before a fall occurs.

  • Not administrating proper safety training -- You could have an extremely safe workplace that is very clean, but if your employees aren't trained on how to effectively operate various equipment and maneuver safely around the job site, it's not going to matter. You need to regularly educate each and every one of your employees to make sure that they are fully aware of your safety procedures and know how to handle each equipment item. Remember: your employees look to you and their managers to see how seriously the company treats safety. Ask yourself how you are communicating a culture of safety in your daily words and actions.

If you're in need of safety strips for ramps or other stair tread tape anti slip products, give Safe Way Traction a call right away. It's your responsibility to keep your employees safe on the job.

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