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How to Make Your Business's Stairs Safer


removable non slip stair treads

Hotels and businesses of all kinds typically will have their own sets of safety rules for each area. But one area that is often forgotten is the stairwell.

More than 17% of all disabling injuries are caused by falls in the workplace, and injured guests can easily find a lawyer to help them file an injury claim. This is why itís so important to remember that stairs are actually a prime location for slips, trips, and fall injuries. So, how can you make your stairwell safer? Here are some tips.


Even if your stairs are in an area that is fairly well lit all the time, itís so important to install as much lighting as you can in the space. If thereís poor visibility, people may miss a step or two and fall up or down the steps. This could lead to major injuries or major lawsuits against you and your company. Place yellow fluorescent reflective safety track tape on each stair so people know exactly where the next step is. Put lights at the top of each landing. Install waist-high signs at the top of each landing that will alert walkers that they have reached the top, or are about to go down another flight.

Handrails and Stair Rails

Stair rails and handrails are key for every set of stairs in your business. The stair rails will prevent the walker from falling off the edge of the stairs and the handrails will allow for them to grab hold and keep their balance. If the walker trips on one of the stairs, they can grab onto the handrail of stair rail to regain their balance and prevent themselves from getting seriously hurt.

Non Slip Stair Treads

Non slip stair treads are a great tool to use to prevent falls and injuries. The non slip stair treads will act as a barrier between the pedestrianís feet and the stairs themselves. It is simply placed right on top of the stair, so when someone walks on it, their shoe will cling to the tread and protect them from falling down. These no slip stair treads are key especially in climates where it snows or rains a lot.

Stairway safety is something that should not be neglected. Falls, slips, and injuries constantly happen in stairwells that don't have anti slip covers for steps, that donít have adequate lighting, or that arenít equipped with handrails. Take a look at the safety suggestions listed above and make your stairs safer today!

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