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NON ABRASIVE - Resilient, Vinyl Anti Slip Tape

The following NON ABRASIVE non-slip tapes provide unparalleled Coefficient Of Friction in both industrial and commercial environments. Coated with an aggressive adhesive designed with industrial and commercial applications in mind, this product is easily cleaned and mop-friendly.



Jessup 3500 Resilient Non Slip Tape

Rubberized textured tape comfortable for bare feet, easily cleaned - Black & Clear


Jessup 3600 Series COARSE Resilient Non Slip Tape

Coarse resilient non-slip tape is made of non-grit, heavily embossed anti-slip rubber coated PVC


4 Inch Rolls - Black 6 Inch Rolls - Black 12 Inch Rolls - Black

Jessup 4100 Series Bath Tub & Shower Non Slip Mats

Fine-grade textured vinyl that is used in/for wet areas in a variety of sizes.


Jessup Coarse Vinyl Flex Track 4220 Series

Heavily embossed anti-slip PVC tape that was developed for a variety of applications.


6 Inch Rolls - White 12 Inch Rolls - White 24 Inch Rolls - White
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