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5 Great Tips For Preventing Workplace Slips, Trips, and Falls


yellow fluorescent reflective tape

According to the National Safety Council, injuries from slips, trips, and falls (approximately 12,000 per year) cost the United States around $70 billion every year.

In order for your business to save money, avoid legal trouble, and keep every employee safe, you need to focus on reducing and preventing slips, trips, and falls. Here are some excellent tips for preventing slips, trips, and falls around your workplace:

Keep walking surfaces clean and clutter free -- You'll significantly reduce the chance of injury in your workplace by thoroughly cleaning all your walking surfaces. An unobstructed path minimizes the opportunity for a worker to trip over something and get injured.

  • Use anti slip step covers -- Stairs and steps around the workplace can cause all kinds of serious slip and fall-related injuries if they aren't covered property. Stair grip tape can provide all of your work site steps with the traction needed to reduce slips, trips, and falls. Make sure you are punching high-quality non slip treads for stairs from a reputable manufacturer as well.
  • Improve workplace lighting -- Dark areas are much more dangerous both in and outside of the workplace. With quality lighting, you'll be able to illuminate areas that could be dangerous for workers to walk by. Since steps and other safety hazards are difficult to see in the dark, spotlights and illuminated steps can help make workers aware of these dangers and get by safely.
  • Use yellow fluorescent reflective tape -- If there is a specific area inside or outside of the workplace that is particularly dangerous, consider marking it off with bright yellow fluorescent reflective tape. This reflective tape will be easy to see at all hours of the day and night and will prevent individuals from wandering into a hazardous area.
  • Inspect floor conditions -- You should regularly be inspecting workplace floor conditions, both inside and out, in order to prevent falls. Make sure there are no cracks or holes in the floor as well as in the outside pavement. Additionally, it's best to repair these areas as soon as possible to keep everyone safe.

If you want to learn more about keeping your office safe, preventing injuries, or purchase yellow fluorescent reflective tape and safety track tape, give Safe Way Traction a call right away.

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